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【2019 MEDICA】5 Turnkeys you Should Not Miss
What can you expected from Advantech iHealthcare @ MEDICA 2019? Watch our webinar video!
Advantech Launches PAX-332 – 32” Medical-Grade Surgical Monitor for Operating Precision
Advantech is pleased to announce PAX-332 – a 32-inch widescreen medical-grade surgical monitor aimed at ensuring operating precision.
【Whitepaper】 6 Essential components for Building a Successful Telehealth Infrastructure
With a projected market value of $3.5 billion by 2020, telehealth is poised for exponential growth [1]. Fueled by demographic and reimbursement shifts, healthcare organizations need to have a clear vision of the goals of their telehealth infrastructure as they grow...
Advantech Launches AMiS-50E Computerized Medical Cart for Diverse Mobile Healthcare Applications
The AMIS-50E medical cart is flexible and customizable with an intelligent upgrade path, making it an attractive long-term solution for hospitals and clinics. Investing in an AMiIS-50E cart facilitates implementation of the HIMSS Analytics' EMRAM at different stages across hospitals.
Advantech AVAS Comprehensively Integrates Images for Improved Quality of Surgery
With Advantech's AVAS image streaming, Cheng Hsin General Hospital integrates OR images needed throughout surgery, and greatly enhances OR efficiency with smart and intuitive interface design.
POC-W243 & POC-W213 Latest Medical Grade Computer
Powered by the 6th generation Intel® processors