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Flexible and Collaborative Manufacturing

Advantech realizes its design strengths with three world-class production centers in China and Taiwan. Constructed for lean manufacturing and utilizing a customer-driven Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, these manufacturing sites are highly flexible and respond to just-in-time requests.

  • building01

    Advantech Taiwan Manufacturing Center (ATMC)

    15,744 m2
  • building02

    Advantech Kunshan Manufacturing Center (AKMC)

    81,000 m2
  • building03

    Linkou-Taipei Design & Manu. Campus

    90,000 m2

Besides continuous improvement in our manufacturing processes, systems and employee quality, Advantech strategically boosts synergy by introducing new RD centers close to manufacturing sites or in the same campus. Close cooperation by location between RD and manufacturing centers generates benefits from technical transfers, to real-time collaboration, and a complete package customer services.

  • building04

    Advantech+ Technology Center (A+TC)

    40,000 m2